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HTEL12 Electric Loader

Tags: HTEL12 Electric Loader Electric Loader     Date:2022/05/09

HTEL12 Electric Loader Instruction

The product features of 4WD Electric Loader are simple structure, convenient maintenance, low noise, no pollution, reasonable body structure and body sinking design, which reduces the center of gravity of the whole vehicle and improves the stability. 500-12 herringbone tires have high strength, improve comfort and reduce the fatigue of operators. The whole vehicle and control system are reasonably arranged, which fully reflects that the ergonomics is far away from the bending radius, and improves the trafficability and space utilization. Wide field of vision, double hydraulic power assisted direction mechanism, easy and free turning, small turning, anti-skid and strong bearing capacity, which can operate in various

HTEL12 Electric Loader Parameter

High configuration 500kg electric small forklift configuration table :

power: battery 120a, 12v5 pieces, total 60V


hydraulic motor :1500W

Charge and use for 6-8 hours at a time

Lift 2.2m and unload 1.4m




tire:500-12 off-road tire

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