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Muitl-Function Clamp Saw

Tags: Muitl-Function Clamp Saw     Date:2023/11/23

Muitl-Function Clamp Saw parameter

Model BJ-600 BJ-2000
Machine weight 450kg 510kg
Length*width*height 830*500*1100(mm) 900*620*1150(mm)
Adapt to excavator tonnage 6-10ton 10-20ton
Max. working pressure 21-28Mpa 21-28Mpa
The max. working pressure of the camping cylinder 21Mpa 21Mpa
Swing motor displacement 625ML 625ML
Rotationaf speed 5-20r/min 5-20r/min
Swing motor operating pressure 16Map 16Map
Max fixture weight 2-3T 2-3T
Number of camps 2 2
Rotary turntable self-locking function Have Have
Automatic lubrication Have Have
Oil tank volume 3L 3L
Control method Electric handle control Electric handle control

Saw Gulde Length

18 inches 21 inches 18 inches 21 inches

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