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Excavator Accessories​

Tags: Mini excavator accessories​ multifunction Many types and models     Date:2021/09/07

Excavator Accessories

One Machine, multi-usage.Quick and easy replacement of accessories

1. Narrow bucket: 200mm wide, suitable for digging narrow trenches

2. Rake:

3. Ripper:

4. Plane bucket: width 500mm, 800mm, or other sizes, without gears, suitable for leveling the ground

5. Grabber: Grab wood, sugarcane, etc.

6. Quick Hitch: Quickly connect various attachments

7. Auger: consists of three parts: drilling rig, bracket and drill pipe

200mm wide and 700mm long, drilling depth: 800-900mm

8. Title bucket: It can shovel any angle of the ditch wall and level the inclined surface. Shihe slope plane repair, river, ditch and other dredging work.

Width 600mm, tilt angle 30°

9. Thumb bucket

10. Break hammer:

11. Grasp the steel clamp

12. Trimming machine: Cropper

13.Pile driver


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