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Oil changes are important for excavator maintenance

Tags: Excavator maintenance mini excavator     Date:2024/05/31

1. The impact of diesel fuel quality on the excavator engine 

Diesel oil quality is directly related to the normal operation of the excavator engine, operating efficiency and the length of service life. At the same time on the construction unit's economic efficiency, project progress and safety production and other aspects have a direct impact. If the customer with the quality of diesel fuel is not up to standard, too many impurities will also make the combustion is not complete, too much carbon in the cylinder chamber, thus causing excessive wear of the cylinder liner and piston ring.

2. Hydraulic oil quality on the excavator hydraulic system impact  

Hydraulic oil is the use of liquid pressure energy hydraulic system using hydraulic media, in the hydraulic system plays a role in energy transfer, system lubrication, corrosion, rust, cooling and so on. Hydraulic oil quality is good or bad, not only affects the normal work of construction machinery, but also cause serious damage to the hydraulic system components. According to statistics show that the hydraulic system of various types of failure, 60% to 70% with the hydraulic oil.

3. Lubricant quality on the impact of excavators  

The so-called lubrication, is in relative motion between the two contact surfaces to add lubricant, so that the two friction surface between the formation of lubricant film, will be directly in contact with the surface of the separation of the dry friction for the lubricant molecules within the friction to achieve the reduction of friction, reduce wear and prolong the service life of machinery and equipment for the purpose of. Poor quality lubricant, not only will the rotating parts of the excavator engine damage, such as crankshafts, connecting rods and other rotating parts of the connection. Once these parts have a little problem, the engine will greatly shorten the service life.  

Whether it is lubricating oil diesel oil or hydraulic oil, oil is important to the maintenance of excavators. Choose a variety of oil when diggers must pay attention to identify the advantages and disadvantages, especially the novice must beware of poor quality hydraulic oil, oil, diesel fuel, so as not to affect the use of excavators.

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