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What causes a farm excavator to run out of steam?

Tags: Agricultural excavator small excavator     Date:2023/09/07

Agricultural excavator walking without strength is the most common fault in the walking process, sometimes it is a unilateral fault sometimes both sides of the walking are faulty, resulting in this fault is generally due to the following reasons:

1, the central rotary joint internal leakage, oil leakage.

Agricultural excavator central rotary joint is the upper body hydraulic circuit connecting the important hub of the chassis, when the central rotary joint sealing effect is poor will produce internal leakage or oil leakage phenomenon, drive the hydraulic motor of the hydraulic oil can not fully reach the hydraulic motor, part of the hydraulic oil through other circuits to return to the tank, resulting in a loss of pressure in the hydraulic circuit, resulting in hydraulic motors are not strong.

2、Walking motor internal leakage, failure.

Walking system by walking balance valve, walking safety valve, walking speed switching valve, walking speed switching cylinder, walking brake cylinder, throttle valve and walking motor composition, when a valve group produce internal leakage will cause the walking system hydraulic circuit pressure loss, resulting in walking no power.

3, hydraulic pump pressure is insufficient, pump control circuit failure.

Hydraulic pump pressure is also an important cause of walking without power, leading to hydraulic pump pressure is mainly due to pump leakage, pump control system failure, resulting in pressure loss.

4, the main control valve internal leakage.

The main control valve is a multi-spool valve group, when the working time is long or when the hydraulic oil contains impurities will lead to wear and tear of the spool, when the control of the hydraulic circuit of the walking system spool wear and tear is too large, there will be an internal leakage, resulting in a loss of pressure in the hydraulic circuit, resulting in the walking of the lack of strength.

5, the pilot system secondary pressure oil pressure is insufficient.

Pilot system secondary pressure oil is output by the proportional control valve, when the agricultural excavator cab walking valve leakage, jamming will lead to the pilot secondary pressure oil pressure is insufficient to push the main control valve spool in place, resulting in a reduction in the walking system hydraulic circuit flow.

The above points are the main reasons for the agricultural excavator walking without strength, understand these, when encountering similar failures in the future, the constructor can be resolved by himself.

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