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Can't the small roller hit the car?

Tags: Small road roller start     Date:2021/12/03

In use, small rollers often fail to start due to some reasons. Inability to start refers to the difficulty of starting the engine in the process of starting the engine of the small roller, which causes difficulty in starting the engine and does not ignite. In the process of construction and use, the progress is particularly affected, and it will cause a lot of investment losses. The incorrect use method will also consume the life of the body. So how to solve the problem of difficulty in starting? Let me explain it in detail below.

The main reasons that affect the start-up difficulty and slow walking of small rollers are as follows:

►Oil, when the temperature exceeds minus 10℃, it is recommended to replace the 10w-30 oil, because 30 oil will be thinner and not too viscous, it can increase the engine cold start speed, so that the engine can be ignited smoothly. Some people are worried to ask: Will the engine life be affected by the thinning of the engine oil, or will the engine be damaged? The answer is no. The engine oil pressure has nothing to do with the viscosity of the engine oil. Many people I mistakenly think that if the oil is thicker, the oil pressure is good, and it is good for the engine. If the oil is thin, the engine oil pressure will be low, which will damage the engine. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. As long as it is genuine oil, there is no organic oil. The level of pressure will be related to the viscosity of the oil. Engine oil, just like the blood of the human body, is very important! So at any time, it is recommended that you use the authentic engine oil that meets the season correctly in different seasons. Protect and extend the life of the engine.

►Starter. Before the winter comes, the starter must be maintained. Replace the cover, carbon brushes and some worn-out things. Clean the rotor. Because the weather is cold and the engine oil is thicker when the car is cold, the starter The workload is much higher than in the warm season. Maybe it’s okay to use it in normal times, but it won’t work in winter. Take care of it and spend a small amount of money to ensure that the starter can exert better power and help you get started!

►Battery (that is, battery). The battery voltage is insufficient. In the cold winter weather, the energy of the battery is not completely volatilized. Therefore, every winter is a better time for the battery to sell. Of course, if you have the conditions, Drivers, friends may wish to find a thick quilt to wrap the battery or make a simple insulation measure. Although it may not be effective, at least it can extend the battery life. If you are not too troublesome, you can remove the battery and put it in. In a warm room, it is better to install it when you use it, but now most people still choose to directly replace the battery with a new one.

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