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Hightop Group was invited to participate in customs policy presentations and key project matchmaking meetings

Tags: Hightop Group,Customs policy     Date:2021/03/13

On the afternoon of March 11, 2021, the Customs Policy Presentation and Key Project Matchmaking Meeting was held in the conference room of Rencheng District Government. Jining Customs Commissioner Yan Xuequan, Deputy Commissioner Zhou Tao, Secretary of the Urban District Committee Yu Shengtao, Business Management Section Chief Xie Tian, Jining Customs Qufu Office Director Zhang Fengyan, heads of competent departments such as the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce of various counties, municipalities, and districts. Representatives of more than 10 foreign trade companies in Rencheng District attended the meeting. Hightop Group, as a new foreign trade pioneer in Jining City, was invited to participate in this conference.

At the meeting, Deputy Commissioner Zhou Tao gave a speech, introducing customs duties and analyzing the foreign trade situation of the city in 2020, including total imports, total exports, growth rate, etc. At the same time, it analyzed the current trade trends of the epidemic and formulated a series of response policies.

Xie Tian, the head of the business management department, introduced the AEO certification payment and China Customs credit management system. AEO certification refers to the "China Customs Certified Operator". After obtaining the certification, a company can enjoy a series of customs facilitation measures such as low inspection rate, low inspection frequency, and application for exemption of guarantees. Customs clearance convenience provided by the customs of more than 40 countries (regions) that have signed AEO mutual recognition agreements. In addition, enterprises that have obtained AEO advanced certification can also enjoy the trustworthy joint incentive measures implemented by the relevant state departments and the mutual recognition of customs between countries, and enjoy the same import and export treatment as enterprises in foreign trade countries, which is a veritable "golden card".

The heads of the various departments of Jining Customs introduced the classification of cross-border e-commerce and the tax reduction policies of the comprehensive bonded zone to the participants.

The convening of this meeting introduced the progress of various projects of Jining Customs to the foreign trade enterprises of Jining City, and objectively analyzed the current situation of Jining customers and the market, as well as the current situation of insufficient foreign trade talents. It will help Jining foreign trade enterprises and Jining Customs to establish new development concepts, adapt to the new situation in the new era, improve the ability to study and judge the current economic situation and future development trends, and jointly promote the sustainable and stable development of Jining's foreign trade economy.

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